Levy Lorenzo plays electronics and percussion

Pringles Light Theremin (2015) - IR sensors, 1W RGB LEDs, Arduino Mega, MAX/MSP, Pringles Cans
* Commission by Kellogg and Grey Group

Modified Attack (2011) - performance video
Control sample playback and sinewave via re-mapped Logitech Attack 3 Joystick and MAX/MSP

FM Koala (November 2010) - performance video
This instrument allows realtime frequency modulation (FM) of sinusoids with
control via QWERTY keyobard and mouse.

Air Marimba (January 2010) - performance video, installation documentation
Reminiscent of a traditional marimba that is struck with mallets, this electronic
musical instrument allows the musician to play the air above the bars to make sound.
The design uses Infrared Distance Sensors, Microcontrollers and Rosewood.

Teacups and Light (April 2009) - performance video
To contol sound, this instrument uses teacups, light, light sensors,
a Make Controller as the microcontroller hardware interface, and software
programming done via MAX/MSP.

Record Player (July 2008) project blog
Musical Instrument which is the record itself as an extension of the cultural metaphor.
Developed Prototype at Orientation Workshop @ STEIM